It is EVERYONES responsibility to ensure that all of these items are being met in the classrooms at all times.

Responding to Requests for Child Care Regulation Information.

Does the program have a plan in place in case of a disaster, like a fire, tornado, flood, blizzard, earthquake or active shooter? Only Prohibits Discrimination Pomona Cal Poly

She should explain how she works cooperatively with her family child care administrator and utilizes the feedback from home visits to ensure a safe environment.

All licensed child care providers are mandated reporters of suspected or known child abuse or neglect. Teach children to practice safe and appropriate behavior and to know and use designated play areas. What are your policies regarding staff bringing in and eating outside foods in front of the children?

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  2. Do a safety check every month.
  3. Who Regulates Child Care?

If the program is in a family child care home, ask about how long the provider has been in business. The inspector analyzes the data on these pages and reports to determine if any trends or patterns exist. Technical assistance does not repeat the language as written in the minimum standard, rule, or statute. CCR staff become aware of a deficiency at one operation while interviewing children at a different operation. Cincinnati, Ohio State Univ.

Beyond initial trainings, it is crucial that caregivers participate in ongoing trainings and professional development to keep their skills up to date.

When documenting inspection results, Licensing staff do not include the names of operation employees in documentation that is published on the public website. Google.

The information and resources provided through this Web site are for educational purposes only. If the child care program is housed in an older building, it may still have lead pipes or solder. Report should be attached to the DCF Drinking Water Testing Checklist links to form and the DCF.

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