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This is a public auction and mail bid sale conducted by a licensed and bonded auctioneer.

States Numismatic Literature, Volume I; United States Numismatic Literature, Volume II; The Indian Peace Medals of George III; The Medals Concerning John Law and the Mississippi System; Comitia Americana and Related Medals; and Medallic Portraits of Admiral Vernon, Medals Sometimes Lie.

British coinage and that there value differed between the colonies made business quite cumbersome, especially for English exporters attempting to trade with the various colonies.

This is somewhat comparable to the Franc, a monetary unit currently used in France, Belgium and Switzerland but with very different values; similarly the British, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia shillings had different values.

One can only wonder at the hardships faced by that generation of Americans. Please specify product options before adding this product combination to the cart. Remember it is a federal offense to buy and sell counterfeit Australian currency. This trilogy is strictly for sophisticated readers who appreciate the challenge of using their imaginations to set the stage. Taler with a minimum of marks. We are rare coin experts.

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  • Roman unit of weight just as the pound is the basic English unit of weight. Our Customers Whitman Publishing strives to meet the needs of our customers. There is no longer a shilling, which makes accounting far simpler but makes British money considerably less interesting to foreigners!
  • Prices realized do not necessarily reflect accurate market values so much as what the high bidder is willing to pay based on his own needs.

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He has designed coins and medals for countries throughout the world and is best known to coin collectors for his coin designs for Ireland, including those commemorating Sir William Rowan Hamilton, Skellig Michael and Saint Brendan.

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